coffee roastingJavataza┬┤s primary objective is to discover the unique flavor of a coffee bean to realize its potential. Weather, soil, elevation, and husbandry are the environmental conditions, which determine the characteristics of coffee beans. These conditions, or the combination of these conditions, are unique to a particular region. These factors are fundamental to the selection of a bean crop and it is important to recognize their impact on cup quality.

We obtain a broad knowledge of the environmental conditions through hands on monitoring and communicating directly with our growers. This includes all procedures of harvesting and processing and training for better growing methods and improved working conditions, along with the financial incentives of Fair Trade.
We provide fresh roasted beans to coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores that focus on serving a premium coffee. With increased customer awareness on coffee quality, a large percentage of operators have begun to realize that a great cup of coffee can go a long way in setting their establishment apart. To many customers, a good cup of coffee is as much a natural accompaniment to a good meal as a fine wine.
Our roasting operation is small and local with capacity to service a fairly broad U.S. market. We only roast as orders come in from our distribution centers and local markets so our coffee gets delivered as freshly as it can possibly get.
As a Coffee Roaster, Wholesaler, Javataza offers the following:

  1. Full service whole bean to fracpack
  2. private labeling.
  3. Technical support, in general business, operations, and marketing.
  4. The highest quality coffee in the industry, with blend compatibility.
  5. Consistency in quality and service.
  6. K-cups

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