If you get a bang from a shrill screeching sound, you are looking for a high acidity, unbalanced, dense, bitter, hard coffee bean from high elevations. You don’t want Javataza coffee. If your taste is for low, flat, grassy, unintelligible, (just to say you had coffee) experience, you are looking for a soft, unbalanced, tasteless bean from low elevations. You don’t want Javataza coffee. Whereas Javataza coffee is the premium, full bodied, distinctive brew that without mistake tells your palate where it comes from; the balanced notes that harmoniously echo from the back of your tongue tell you that it comes from a moderately dense bean that has had the privilege to be developed in a combination of micro-climates, intense biodiversity, sustainable husbandry, abundant rainfall, and year round sunshine that can only come from being in the universe at the right place at the right time, topped off with a profile, state of the art roasting process. If you like the way that sounds, you want Javataza coffee!

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cup of classLiving in the foothills of the Chirripo Mountain in southern Costa Rica, and being Coffee growers alongside our tico neighbors, where in the shade of the banana trees; discussions, always end up revolving around the challenges, frustrations and the inspiration of some new break through in our main source of livelihood; coffee. Having had the privilege over the years to discover and cup many fine coffees from around the world we became convinced that there is no reason that we need to be selling our delicious product to International Companies for them to reduce our coffees to making blends with, being certain that our coffee would stand alone if put to the test in the world market of specialty coffee.

Six years ago we launched out in a new, exciting journey for us coffee growers from the General Valley in Southern Costa Rica in an unprecedented cooperative effort to take our coffees direct to the grueling, unforgiving world marketplace.

What we were convinced of has been clearly confirmed across the globe! In less than 4 years from our initial marketplace offering we have been selling all our specialty coffee direct. We are humbled to have our coffees in demand from over 20 countries in the world, everywhere from the U.S. to Asia, Europe, Canada and the Middle East to name a few.

Folks from all over cannot but help appreciate the distinctive, superior flavor, and pleasurable experience, this 100% pure coffee leaves in their palate. The diverse micro-climates, intense biodiversity, abundant rainfall, year round sunshine, and sustainable husbandry all join forces in a triumphant march to produce the full bodied, balanced, fruity, and inarguably best coffee in the world that begs to be enjoyed as is; straight from the field, just like the country it comes from; Costa Rica. 100% Natural, no artificial ingredients

Needless to say traceability, sustainability, state of the art roasting and processing are very important issues to javataza as we seek to jealously guard our Cup of Class. With hands on monitoring and communicating directly with the farmer, and by improving growing methods, we are creating a very sustainable platform to produce these premium coffees.

The best experience that can be achieved from a social beverage is javataza’s commitment to you. With the javataza team, quality becomes a reality, creating a culture of excellence that reaches from the grower to the consumer.

This fine product that you are now contemplating carries the guarantee seal of our commitment to you. Our guarantee is that you will not be disappointed and that you will be back!