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Colombian Highlands

Colombia is a stunningly beautiful country.  The Colombian highlands are where our farmers produce some really great coffee.  Our Colombian farmers tell us that their coffee is delicious for two main reasons.

First, The coffee fruit is always at different stages of maturity, so the farmers must hand pick the coffee very carefully.  They take pride in careful picking to ensure the best possible flavor.

Second, our Colombian farms are located high in the Andes Mountains rich with volcanic soils.  High elevation has long been known to produce better coffee, and the rich volcanic soils give the local coffee producers an extra boost.

The photo gallery features Don Nolberto Valencia.  Don has three children and is motivated to work hard so that he can make a living and pay for the education of his children.  In addition to coffee, Don grows corn and beans in between the coffee trees as a way to produce extra food and income before the coffee is ready to bear fruit.

Javataza is pleased to be supporting the wonderful farmers of the Colombian highlands at above market rates.

columbian coffee fair trade

Don Nolberto Valencia picks the ripe coffee berries

columbia coffee farm to cup

Don Nolberto Valencia

drying green columbian coffee

Drying the coffee beans

farm to cup coffee from columbia

Can you spot the pickers in this picture?

columbian highlands direct trade coffee

beautiful high altitude coffee country

columbian coffee village

nearby village life

columbian highland coffee

Columbian street scene

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