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Guatemala Cafe La Conchita Coffee Growers

Cafe La Conchita is a group of coffee farmers in San Martin Sacatepequez, Guatemala. This is a beautiful, tropical region that boasts of violent thunderstorms and, you guessed it, exquisite coffee. Situated at 4,700 feet above sea level this is some of the highest altitude Guatemalan coffee. The higher the altitude, the better the coffee.

This region is home to many fincas (coffee farms/plantations). In the old days when coffee was still a lucrative venture, these farms were nearly their own community. The owners were often quite wealthy and the farm workers lived in small wooden houses right on the farm property. Each finca had its own Catholic church and school. Life was good. But when coffee prices started dropping as the international market became competitive, the owners began to have a hard time paying their workers. Eventually, many of the owners payed their employees by giving them portions of land from the finca. Today, most of the workers live in small towns nearby and walk to work during coffee harvest. Many finca owners are getting old and since most of their children studied in the universities in the capital city and have businesses of their own they are not interested in their father’s fincas. Coffee prices are low and the owners are not able to make much profit so there are many fincas up for sale.

Javataza is proud to offer some of the finest Guatemalan coffee for sale to our customers. By purchasing this coffee we are able to change the trend, providing a sustainable income for coffee farmers and workers through our steady, generous pricing structure.

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