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A Glimpse Into the Coffee Harvest of 2022-23

As a directly-sourced coffee company, we’re privileged to have personal contact and relationships with the farmers that grow our coffee. This relationship allows us to have better input over quality control while also being able to provide a better “wage” to the farmers for their coffee. It also allows us to regularly get updates and photos from our farmers throughout the year on the quality of the coffee crop and the challenges and successes they experience.

Reports from the coffee harvest of 2022-2023 are very favorable. Farmers are reporting that they are meeting and exceeding their harvest goals and that the coffee quality looks great this year. We can’t wait to get the beans from this years harvest into our roaster in a few months.

Here are a few snapshots of the coffee harvest this year from a variety of our farms.

costa rica preparing to leave for the field

Farm workers preparing to leave for the field to pick coffee in Costa Rica

Lisenia coffee picker from the south

Lisenia picking coffee in Honduras

Nelson coffee picker from southern Honduras

Nelson picking coffee on the Honduras Highland Farm

Measuring picked coffee for employee

Measuring picked coffee (Hondura Highland)

Jan 23 coffee harvest honduras don lencho

Loading Coffee from the field in Honduras

Coffee on the way to the mill

Taking coffee to the mill (Hondura Highland)

costa rica load of coffee

Workers with a load of coffee in Costa Rica

honduras unloading bags of coffee

Unloading coffee at the mill (Don Lencho)

coffee beans drying in the sun in honduras

Coffee beans drying (Honduras Don Lencho)

costa rica coffee harvest drying beans

Drying coffee beans in Costa Rica

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