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March Farmer Updates from Don Lencho

Here is a recent update from the Don Lencho coffee growers in Honduras. Read about local challenges and community efforts among the local community.

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Transportation always has played a very important part in the food chain. The ease or difficulty of transporting products from point A to point B is often the costliest factor in the price of a product. Coffee is no exception. The roads we use, factor into the cost of our product.
Here in Honduras, where Don Lencho coffee is produced, we are approximately 2 hours away from the nearest paved roads. The main dirt road we use to come into our village is periodically maintained by the government. Concrete bridges have been built and gravel spread to provide access to our village year-round.
But when it comes to other local roads, the community bands together. As you can see in the pictures, there is no lack of manpower when a bridge needs to be built. Common needs call for collective action and this is something that everyone is ready to support. We, as a part of this community, also have a goal in supporting it.
One of the ways in which we are doing this is by providing a fair price for coffee. In this way, we enable others in the community in an organic fashion to the upgrading of infrastructure and transportation.

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