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October 2019 Farmer Update - Don Lencho

Coffee season is nearing harvest time in Honduras. The Don Lencho farmers are busy preparing for the harvest and upgrading the drying facilities. Below is an update that we received from them, along with a few pictures.

Ishmeal and son with coffee plants honduras coffee growers

Hello from the foggy days and rainy nights of this coffee country.

The Season is just around the corner (coffee season that is) and by the looks of things in our little village, there is hope for another good coffee harvest.

Our little drying outfit that enables us to supply you with that daily cup of coffee was in dire need of improvement. As you can see by the pictures, improvements there are! Though they are not yet complete, they are steadily coming along. And none too soon, because already some farmers are starting to see red berries peaking out from the green foliage on the small plantations scattered here and there over the mountains.

While some attend to preparing machinery and processing equipment for the coffee harvest, others are focused on preparing seedling coffee plants for future production. Newer and improved varieties of coffee are replacing the standard varieties that have become increasingly susceptible to blight. It requires hope to invest when the price of coffee on the local market is so low.

That is why we are thankful for the fair prices Javataza provides through this direct access from the farmer to you. Thanks to your patronization, we have been able to make a difference in the local economy.

We hope it will continue to be so and as a saying goes here: “Hope doesn’t bring complete satisfaction as in a full stomach, but it does hold hunger at bay”.

–Don Lencho

Building on to the dryer buildeing honduras coffee growers

Adding on to the drying building

Indoor dryer honduras coffee growers

Indoor Coffee Dryer

New addition honduras coffee growers

New Addition to Our Shed

shed addition honduras coffee growers

Drying Building

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