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Organic House Blend




Roast: Medium

(3 customer reviews)

Delicate Flavor, Distinct Aroma, Pleasant Aftertaste

This organically grown coffee is delightfully delicate and distinct. Sip on it in the morning along with a piece of dark chocolate to get your day off to a good start.

3 reviews for Organic House Blend

  1. Loren Weaver

    The Organic House Blend is our family favorite, excellent taste, would highly recommend it to anyone

  2. Veronica Miller

    We love this coffee and the fact that it’s organic makes it even better!!

  3. Betsy Adamo

    I had the opportunity to purchase the whole been house blend at a local store called pine ridge near me. I am disabled. I don’t get out very often I live by myself. Can this be ordered by mail. It is truly the best. I would really like to keep it on hand for myself. And for when guests stop by for a cup of coffee.

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