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how to make cold brew coffee

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

In another coffee classroom post we discussed the glories of cold brew coffee, what it is, and why it is special. Now it is time to learn how to make cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee is an easy way to make coffee as long as you have the time and the patience. Since it needs to set for 12-24 hours, it does take some planning ahead if you are wanting some for a specific event. Since Cold Brew is brewed as a concentrate it makes the brewing process a bit more forgiving then many other ways of brewing coffee since you can adjust the strength to your liking by adding water or milk to the finished product.

There are many different ways to make cold brew coffee, with varying filters, setups, etc…for the process. However, it can easily be made using normal household supplies, so that you don’t have to purchase anything special for the process. Here is how we recommend making cold brew coffee at home.

What You Need

  • A Large Glass Jar
  • Cold Water
  • Coffee Beans
  • Cheese Cloth or Coffee Filters

If you prefer to invest a little (under $20) in cold brew equipment and simplify the process we recommend one the following items:

  1. Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker on Amazon
  2. Mason Jar Mesh Filter on Amazon
how to make cold brew coffee

Coffee to Water Ratio for Cold Brew Coffee

To make your cold brew coffee concentrate, a 1:4 (volume) coffee to water ratio is a good rule of thumb. This can be tweaked to your liking.

1 Cup Coffee to 4 Cups of Water
100 Grams of Coffee to 950 Grams Water
3.5 oz of coffee to 32 ounces of water

Step 1 - Grind Coffee

Grind 1 cup of coffee with in a coarse (pretzel salt size) grind. A finer grind is more likely to make your end product murky.

Step 2 - Add Water

Place your grinds in your brewing container and add 4 cups of cold tap or filtered water to the container. Stir the grinds to ensure they are all wet.

Step 3 - Brew in Fridge

Seal off your jar or container and place it in the fridge for 12-24 hours. We recommend 16 hours for a good concentrate

Step 4 - Filter Grounds from Jar

After your brew time is over pour the coffee through a cheese cloth or coffee filter to filter out the grounds.

Step 5 - Add Water or Cream and Enjoy

Store your coffee concentrate in the fridge and dilute to taste with water, milk, or cream anytime you want a cold refreshing cup of coffee.

We Recommend These Coffees for Cold Brew

5-Star Restaurant Blend

Fog Mountain

House Blend

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