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JavaYOU - The Custom Coffee Experience

Your Coffee, Your Way

The JavaYOU experience is all about custom coffee, giving your morning cup a personal flair. Although we have many varieties of fairly traded, farm-to-cup coffee, we realize we haven’t even touched the surface of coffee possibilities. Now with JavaYOU, you can break out of standard mode and create your own signature coffee. JavaYOU has custom coffee options for flavored coffee, single-origin profile roasts, and K-Cup combo packs. These custom coffee products make great gifts for your coffee-loving friends. And with the ability to name your custom coffee, you can give it a very personal touch. Check out the details below.

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Create Your Own Flavored Coffee

The JavaYOU flavored coffee experience is your chance to take ownership of your flavored coffee, crafting a unique blend of flavors just for you.

How it works

  1. Select flavor #1
  2. Select flavor #2 (optional)
  3. Choose if you want whole bean or ground coffee
  4. Choose your package size
  5. Choose a custom name for your coffee (optional)

Create Your Unique Blend

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Craft Your Own Roast Profile

The JavaYOU Custom-Roasted coffee is your chance to finally get coffee custom roasted for you. Tell us how you want it roasted and we’ll make it happen.

How it Works

  1. Choose your coffee’s origin
  2. Choose your coffee’s roast level
  3. Select whole bean or ground coffee
  4. Select your package size
  5. Create your coffee’s name (optional)

Create Your Custom Coffee Profile

*Please note that we no longer offer mix cases of 80-count k-cups. Please order from our 12-count and 32-count boxes to get the variety you need.

Why Custom Coffee?

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Party and Wedding Favors

Everyone loves coffee, and everyone loves party and wedding favors.  So why not give your guests the best custom coffee possible?  Unfortunately, most custom coffees out there are nothing more than re-labeled bags of sub-par coffee. When you get custom coffee from Javataza, you have the full assurance of knowing exactly where your coffee comes from.  You also have the pride and joy of knowing that you are supplying your guests with a truly marvelous coffee experience from some of the best small coffee producers in the world.  It feels good to be able to stamp your own name on a bag of gourmet coffee like that!

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Business and Corporate Gifts

You work so hard for your business and your brand.  When it comes to giving gifts, you want your employees and clients to know that you care.  Giving them a Javataza Custom Coffee gift is a double win for you and your brand.  Not only will they love the coffee, the fairly traded Javataza brand shows that you care about people and sustainability

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Custom Coffee Lets You Do You!

Although we are delighted to offer a wide variety of flavored coffees and specialty single-origin roasts, there just might be that unique roast profile or flavor combo that you really wish you could get. With JavaYou custom coffee you can totally curate your coffee to exactly what you want.  Want to try Guatemalan Coffee as a Dark Roast?  Want to combine chocolate with pecan flavors? If so JavaYou custom coffees are for you, the possibilities are endless! To top it all off, you get to name your creation whatever you want!

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