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how to make coffee in a french press

How To Make Coffee In A French Press

The French press has been a popular method of brewing coffee for many years. The full immersion of the coffee grounds allows for intense extraction, creating a cup of coffee that is full of body and flavor. The French Press is one of the most forgiving ways of brewing a good cup of coffee, making this a favorite option for people who are wanting to enter the world of manual coffee brewing. However, the difference between a good cup and a great cup are in the details. Follow these steps below to craft an elegant cup of French press coffee.

What You Need

  • Coffee
  • Coffee Grinder
  • French Press
  • Water Kettle
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Water Thermometer (optional)
step 7 how to make coffee in a french press

What is the Ideal French Press Coffee Ratio

The best ratio for french press coffee is 1:16 coffee to water. Here are some quick references for how this works out in common quantities.
2.5 tbsp coffee per cup (8 oz) of water
10 grams coffee per 160 grams of water
10 grams coffee per 6 oz of water

Step 1 - Heat Water

step 1 how to make coffee in a french press

Fill a water kettle with enough water to fill your French press. We recommend adding some extra water to use for preheating your coffee mugs so that your coffee will stay warm longer while you are enjoying it. Heat water to 200 Fahrenheit. If you do not have a water thermometer you can bring the water to a boil and then remove from heat source for approximately 45 seconds before using.

Step 2 - Prepare Coffee Grounds

step 2 how to make coffee in a french press

If you are using whole bean coffee, you can grind your coffee while the water is heating. Coffee for French press should be coarsely ground, similar to pretzel salt. Using the ratios provided above, measure out your ground coffee into the French press pot.

Step 3 - Wet Coffee Grounds

step 3 how to make coffee in a french press

When your water is at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, place your French Press on your scales and gently pour the water over the coffee until all the grounds are wet. Don’t forget to weigh or measure your water so you can be sure to get the best ratio.

Step 4 - Start Timer

Once you have added enough water to wet all the grounds, you should let the coffee sit for approximately 30 seconds to allow it to bloom. Use this time to set your water pot down and start a timer for 4 minutes.

Step 5 - Add Remaining Water

step 5 how to make coffee in a french press

After a 30 second wait, slowly pour in the remaining water that is needed for the proper ratio. Pour with a gentle stream, circling all over the coffee to ensure that all the grounds are evenly soaked and stirred by the water. If your coffee is freshly-roasted, you should see a lot of bubbles and foam forming while you pour. This is from the carbon dioxide escaping that was trapped in the coffee bean during the roasting process. When all the water is added place the plunger on top of the pot to reduce the amount of heat that escapes while you wait for the 4 minute brew time to complete

Bonus Tip: If you want to preheat your mugs, pour the remaining water into the mugs and allow them to warm while you wait. This will keep your coffee warmer longer while you drink it

Step 6 - Take the Plunge

step 6 how to make coffee in a french press

When the 4 minutes of brewing are done, gently press the plunger down, pushing the grounds to the bottom of the pot. Do not press fast and do not force hard. French Press will always be a little bit muddy from tiny particles escaping through the mesh filter. But a gentle press will reduce the amount of particles that are forced through, making your cup a bit smoother.

Step 7 - Pour and Enjoy

step 7 how to make coffee in a french press

Pour the coffee into the preheated mugs. Enjoy the fine taste of French Pressed Coffee.

If you have left-over coffee that does not initially fit in the mugs, pour this into a carafe or thermos to keep warm. If your coffee remains in the French Press flavor extraction will continue and you run the risk of your coffee becoming bitter.

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