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Finca El Rosaria

Guatemalan Coffee Farm


Loren Martin

Total Size of Farm

180 Acres

Annual Exported Coffee Production

24,000 – 38,000 lbs

loren martin family guatemalan coffee farmers

In 2010, Loren and Emily Martin moved from the growing town into the country and purchased Finca El Rosario. In the past, El Rosario was a much larger finca that produced both sugar cane and coffee, providing year-round work. But currently sugar cane grown is grown at much lower elevations so coffee pickers are hired for the 4 months of the year when coffee is harvested.

The Martin family purchased the farm from an 80-year old couple. The coffee plants were neglected and the buildings needed new roofs and other repairs. As they have time the Martins are slowly repairing and remodeling the buildings and replanting coffee trees. Their desire is to restore the finca to good running order and provide honest labor for their neighbors who depend heavily on the fincas for income. It isn’t unusual for the neighbors to beg for more work at the end of harvest time.

El Rosario borders a river in a deep gorge on one side. In the farm, colorful orchids bloom high up in trees and if you are looking you will likely be able to spot orioles, flycatchers, and other birds flitting around the farm. With palm trees, poinsettias, and other colorful plants this farm is like a tropical paradise.

On clear days you can see Volcano Santa Maria and also Volcano Santiaguito from the farm house. Santiaguito is a small growing volcano which puffs several times a day. Sometimes larger eruptions will send fine ash and sand toward the farm if the wind is blowing in that direction.

freshly picked coffee cherries

Freshly picked coffee cherries

coffee from guatemala

Depulping the coffee

washing coffee on the farm

Washing coffee after depulping

farming coffee from guatemala

Coffee drying in the sun

coffee farm producing guatemala coffee

The coffee farm buildings

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We are glad to work with Javataza to get a higher, more steady price than what we can get nationally. We are also glad to be sending the BEST coffee to our coffee-drinking friends in PA!

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