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Joel Showalter

Size of Farm

1.5 acres

Annual Production

4,000 – 6,000 lbs

joel showalter family honduras coffee farmers

Joel spent several of his teenage years on his dad’s farm but didn’t have a farm of his own until 2012. That is when he bought a small plot from his brother Eric. This 1.5-acre plot was already planted in coffee and ready for production. In 2020 he purchased another five acres of coffee land next to the home farm, most of which needed to be entirely renovated by cutting off the old bushes and letting them grow out anew. After much hard work, this farm is now producing quality coffee as well. Joel has been a Honduras coffee farmer for Javataza since 2015.

Both Joel and Eric have realized that sustainable agriculture requires careful attention to soil nutrition. Currently, they are working with a consultant and soil lab in the USA to improve the natural fertility of their farms. By adding large amounts of lime and seeking to raise the level of effective microorganisms they hope to significantly reduce the application of chemical fertilizers.

Having a small farm has allowed Joel and his family to treat each coffee bush with special care. Selective pruning and intense maintenance have resulted in an outstanding production of the coffee fruit. Joel also has some fruit trees scattered among his coffee bushes, including plum, peach, and citrus fruit.

Joel has focused on reducing the use of chemicals by creating traps to catch the destructive Coffee Borer Beetle. He also utilizes hand labor for weed control instead of spraying herbicide. Both Joel and Eric have totally discontinued the use of Glyphosate (Roundup) on coffee land. This makes for healthy coffee for you and a healthier environment for the local wildlife. Joel’s coffee plantation provides a natural habitat for many small animals, reptiles, and birds.

What Joel Says About Javataza

“I am pleased to be a partner with Javataza in providing a quality coffee option for the North American market. Javataza’s commitment to pay a fair price to the farmer has allowed my small farm not only to supplement my own income but also to provide a living for a part time employee as well. As a family we enjoy living in the middle of our small coffee plantation and tending to the yearly cycle of growth and harvest. Thanks to Javataza for making this possible.”

measuring picked coffee in honduras on sustainable coffee farm

Measuring coffee after a days picking

ripe coffee berries on coffee from honduras

Ripe coffee berries on tree

roadrunner among coffee bushes

Roadrunner among coffee bushes

tree frog hanging out on coffee bush in honduras

Tree frog hanging out in coffee bush

picking basket full of ripe coffee berries

Picking basket full of ripe coffee berries

joels farm with coffee in bloom

Joel's farm with coffee in full bloom

A coffee drying greenhouse house honduras coffee farmer

A coffee drying greenhouse

showalter brothers honduras coffee farmer

Eric and Joel Showalter talking with Gary Nolt (president of Javataza).

Joel s wood pile honduras coffee farmer

Joel's woodpile for drying coffee

Coffee grows next door honduras coffee farmer

Coffee grows right next to Joel's house

Woodstove coffee dryer honduras coffee farmer

Wood stove coffee dryer

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