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Espresso Roast Coffee



Roast: Dark

Origin: Honduran Highland

(3 customer reviews)

Rich and Complex, Compelling Aroma, Lingering Flavors

This coffee is the home barista’s dream. If you like crafting your own lattes or cappuccinos, this coffee will make it easier for you to create a sweet, compelling cup of art. If you are looking for a straight-up shot of espresso, this will give you layers of rich complexity to tantalize your taste buds.

3 reviews for Espresso Roast Coffee

  1. Jered

    Of the coffees I’ve tried from Javataza, this is far and away my favorite. It was even an improvement on the expresso blend I had purchased for several years previously.

  2. Eicher

    we have tried 3 different brands of espresso beans now and these are by far the most disappointing,they are bitter and we have never truly enjoyed them and we always go back to “kc roastery” brand, i dont write many reviews but hopefully this is for other peoples good

    • Kenneth Kauffman

      Thanks for giving us a try. We’re sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy this and glad you found something you do enjoy. It’s possible that this dark roast was just too dark for you. Our Costa Rican Supremo is a medium roast that works well in espresso also, if you ever want to try something else.

  3. Marshall

    I would describe this as a medium espresso roast. As a direct shot of espresso it displays hints of caramel and pleasant coffee flavors. It displays nice crema and is not bitter. I would like a bit more boldness to stand out when used in a Latte. We are still experimenting with the grind and brewing times and will buy again because it is an acceptable base for a Latte.

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