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Italian Roast Coffee



Roast: Dark

Origin: Honduran Highland

(1 customer review)

The Ultimate Dark Roast, Intense Flavors, Robust Body

We’ve boldly taken our sweet Honduran Highland coffee and turned it into Caffè Eccellente with a dark Italian roast. Join Club Italiano and enjoy an intense cup of coffee. A great compliment to rich desserts like cheesecake, chocolate brownies, or fudge cake.

1 review for Italian Roast Coffee

  1. Marshall

    This coffee has nice hints of chocolate and smokiness, is smooth but has bold flavors and awakens one’s tastebuds. I enjoyed it most when made in a Moka Pot. What makes this coffee unique for me was the overall flavor that is distinct to Central America. The flavor profile took me back to the late 70’s when I lived in Panama.

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