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Javataza Decaf Coffee



Roast: Medium

Origin: Colombia

(7 customer reviews)

Naturally processed, Well-balanced, Solid Flavor

Drink classy coffee with your evening dessert and sleep peacefully afterwards. This decaf coffee is good, and good for you, due since it is naturally processed with water. Wind down your day with a well-balanced cup of coffee.

7 reviews for Javataza Decaf Coffee

  1. levi stutzman

    since i have not tried it yet its hard to rate it.

  2. levi stutzman

    from my perspective i would rate it pretty high

  3. levi stutzman

    i would give it a good review

  4. Juli Schlabach

    our favorite decaf!

  5. memejoann53

    The very best coffee! Javataza is the only kind we use!

  6. Emma Moore

    I love your Guatamala coffee but I have to drink decaf now due to heart attack. Does Guatamala come in decaf

  7. Cheri Houser

    Please make more k-cup options …12 ct. doesn’t last long and then to jump to 80 ct. is a bit much. Something in between would be great.
    Thank you

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