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Southern Pecan Coffee



Roast: Medium

Origin: Honduras Don Lencho

(9 customer reviews)



Flavored Coffee

Think caramel-coated pecans. Drink and remember grandma’s pecan pie.

Pecan Flavored Coffee At Its Finest!

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So what is it exactly that sets our southern pecan-flavored coffee apart from the rest?

Delicious Pecan/Coffee Infusion

southern pecan direct trade coffee

Our Southern Pecan coffee offers a delightfully rich pecan-infused experience that does not disappoint from the first sip to the last drop.  It’s like grandma’s pecan pie… but in coffee form!

Simple Direct Trade Model (No Complicated Supply Chains)

southern pecan direct trade all natural delicious coffee

Javataza is a direct trade, farm-to-cup coffee company.  This means that our process is simple.  We buy beans directly from the farmer, add natural pecan flavoring, roast them, and sell them to you.  This simple process means that there is more money paid directly to the farmer, and less money spent on middlemen and distribution. This mode offers vital sustainability, not only to the benefit of our farmers, but also to the benefit of our consumers.  When you purchase our Southern Pecan Coffee, you can have the assurance that you are getting only the highest quality single-origin Honduran coffee beans that have been purchased at a fair market price.

All-Natural Pecan Flavoring

At Javataza, we care about our farmers, and we care about you! When you want to enjoy a delicious cup of pecan flavored coffee, you should not have to worry about your health.  Our pecan-flavored coffee is flavored naturally without the use of harmful chemicals and additives like propylene glycol, which is a common ingredient in regular brands of flavored coffee.

Meet Some Of The Farmers

harvesting honduran coffee for southern pecan coffee beanssorting coffee for southern pecan flavored coffeecoffee harvesting for southern pecan coffee

9 reviews for Southern Pecan Coffee

  1. Michelle


  2. Mary

    We Love It!!!

  3. Lisa

    Best coffee ever ! Would love to know if anyone has tried the decaf and if it is just as good.

  4. BeccaJo Neiswanger

    Oh my gosh, this is the best coffee, hands down!

  5. Linda Blankenship

    I have been getting this coffee at a local Farmer’s Market for years. But they are out most of the time. I was absolutely overjoyed to find you online. (The Market sells the same flavors & same brand). I have been turning people onto this delicious cup of caffeine!! I now have a small Southern Pecan

  6. Donna B

    My absolute favorite coffee! I have it shipped monthly! Hands down the best flavor!

  7. Daryl Stutzman

    This is my favorite flavored coffee… some in our business will choose this over regular coffee…

  8. Jo Gary


  9. Mark

    The whole family loves this coffee. The flavor and aroma are like having dessert for breakfast! Just signed up for monthly delivery.

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