Excellent coffee! It’s the only kind I like. Covington Texas

I cannot say enough good things about this product! The quality of the beans is superb. Many flavored coffees have a muted flavor once brewed but this brand tastes just like a pecan pie! I am sure that these 5 pounds will go quickly in my house! I cannot wait to try other flavors! Thank you. Upstate New York

Good, smooth tasting, morning wake-me-up! California USA

I purchased this coffee as a gift and they really loved it!  Ummie, Texas

Delightful flavor, easy on the stomach and good caffeine kick in the pants. I’m really thrilled with this coffee, the price and the company. I am also very glad that this product is kosher and fair trade. I will definitely purchase again from Javataza!

There were only two stores in our entire county that still carried whole coffee beans: a supermarket that carried a decent brand roasted in the next county and a canned food discount store where coffee quality was poor and unpredictable, sometimes totally undrinkable. The supermarket discontinued bulk coffee last month (can you believe that?) and I was left staring at rows of pre-ground, metal canned coffee and sad little bags of overpriced Seattle coffee that I wouldn’t buy even if my only other option was to go cold turkey. Little tears formed at the corners of my eyes. My husband had been buying a different brand of beans off of Amazon (that cost more) that was so over-roasted I thought it must be Cajun-style coffee and mixing it with the beans I’d pick out at the market. But my old stomach and nose can’t hack burned espresso anymore. After searching around, this company had the best prices and flavors. So happy I found this company!

This is our second purchase of two 5 pound bags of coffee and we are delighted by the flavor, quality and price. I like that Javataza coffee is fair trade and kosher.

Mild roast with terrific aroma! John Barna

I meant to buy whole beans, because we usually grind our own as-needed, for freshness and a fine grind, but this pre-ground is excellent. We vacuum sealed it into 1 week portions and it’s been perfect. We live in an exceedingly humid, rainy area with no central air conditioning and storing dry food items properly can be a challenge, but this has worked great.

This is some of the best K-cup coffee in my opinion. And if you haven’t tried some of their other coffees, I urge you to do so. Their roasting process leaves the coffee with a wonderful flavor instead of tasting bitter and burnt like so many others. Thank you for making K-cups! Judith Berry

What a great coffee! I was eager to try this company K-cups because I like their drip coffee. I was not disappointed. They know how to pick their coffee and roast it so that it’s not burnt or bitter tasting. Thanks Javataza for another great coffee product!